Friday, April 11, 2014

Why Said the Moon to the Earth. Live at Talk (Killr Punx show) + Video!

And now the last chapter of Saturday's Killr Punx show at Talk.  Where the very wordy WSTHMTTE were launching their debut EP, which I got a free copy of it for coming along early (although I'd not known if if it wasn't for the little card that came with it. There was no cover and the CD was spray painted black) WSM (as I'm abbreviating them to) are shoegazers both literally and figuratively.  They spend more time looking down -with long hair covering their faces- than facing the audience. In fact a lot of the time they didn't even hold their instruments. For some songs The bassist let his instrument hang over his back while facing away from the crowd.
 Their songs are all slow paced numbers that mix gentle melodic guitar tones with droning guitar noise and pounding drums. They don't tend to do an awful lot other than just stand there while playing them, but at the end did invite us all to come and stand right next to them at the front of the 'stage'. WSM got the biggest audience of any of these bands and they seemed to enjoy it, even if this music doesn't lend itself to moshing and cheering.  
This is less music of songs, more about mood and ambience. And i'm sure any fans of Mogwai or Devil Sold His Soul will love them. See if you do by watching the video below.

You can buy your own black cd at the link below

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