Thursday, April 17, 2014


CURB are awesome. They were the final act on the night of April 10th at the Sunflower Lounge and put on a set worthy of any headlining band.
In their own words "(we) didn't form a band just because its the cool thing to do because one Midlands band got signed to a major label....We just write songs we like and go play them live and try to put our best into it so its hopefully worth the money for the people who took the time to travel over to watch us... We're an honest band that plays music because we love music, not for cool points or for the coolest in haircut".
These are modest words considering they've got songs like  'So High'. Their hair doesn't seem to have gone near any product, and it was no question at all whether they put their best into it. I've not seen this much chaos at a show since God Damn/The Wytches at the same venue back in February. Their Bass player was almost constantly jumping about the place, (I was almost constantly trying to get an amazing shot of him doing so). The crowd got moshing like mentalists. One guy got lifted up so he could touch the light fixtures, another guy nearly got that far but fell off instead. The bloke from ANiMA was in the background head-banging, and another guy got to join the group onstage to bang a tambourine. Appropriately enough it all ended with the band smashing up their kit. This show was worth the 500 pennies I spent on entry. 

Unfortunately there is only one song you can hear of theirs online at the moment. It's the Aforementioned, 'So high'. One guy reckons it sounds like "Oasis without the suck" I say it mixes the good bits of the 90's -baggy/shoegaze/grunge but with a huge chorus.

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