Tuesday, April 15, 2014


That Rock N Roll eh? attempting to smash through the glass ceiling, but smashing its nose, looking bloodier than ever. Okay i exaggerate but seriously why are all the bands splitting up? RNR's not gonna break through if everyone just gives up after 6 months.
Half way through the gig Noir's singer casually announced that this was the bands last gig. Which is a shame as these guys showed a lot of promise. It didn't seem like there was any animosity or tension between them all, or any sadness either. Despite it being a last show it just seemed like a few lads  having a good time, spreading positive vibes.
Rarely has a band ever been so suited to the Sunflower Lounge, and its moddish retro image.
Noir are/were a bunch of young and incredibly skinny West Midlands based lads who play indie rock n roll that evokes both summers of love. They probably idolise The Stone Roses, as there was a definite baggy influence on the bands sound. Their shaggy haired frontman danced and jumped about, while singing and kept on throwing his tambourine into the crowd, where one guy would pick it up and pass it back to him, before said tambourine would be dropped again. By this point the audience had finally started to fill out the room, and Noir's set definitely lived up to expectations

If this is the end for Noir, then I'm sure they'll all go onto other projects, a bunch of lads this talented will obviously go on to find other bands to play in. and while they were a very promising young band, they don't win points for originality. I look forward to seeing what they do next.

Check out their song 'Feel' here https://soundcloud.com/wearenoir-1

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