Tuesday, April 29, 2014


After the experience that SWOOPENTHEENG had just given me I said to the bassist of the next band 'your gonna have a hard time following that'. As it turns out I was completely wrong. I had a chat with  a girl in the audience (the one in the hoodie who's dancing in one of the previous photographs) and it seems that Eskers were the band she and her friends had come for. Eskers are undoubtedly the cool kids in their class, and it seemed that almost everyone from their school had showed up to see them play.
I imagine that most audiences would treat Eskers with mild contempt, but these kids gave them the sort of reception usually seen at Palma Violets gigs. The tiny space was filled with a big moving mass of teenagers moshing, jumping, crowd-surfing, dancing and singing along to every note. It was nice to have a bit of a return to reality of after the previous act and I did enjoy the music despite not getting involved in the frenzy. their key song 'Your Way' is such a fan favourite they played it twice. Musically they are not too far off from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, or Franz Ferdinand. Were talking melodic bouncy indie here, not fuzzy lo-fi. Their frontman's singing might need a little work, but its nitpicking for such a young band. Frankly Eskers made people lose their shit, and they did it without even breaking a sweat, that's a sign that they must be onto something good.


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