Saturday, April 5, 2014

Duke at the Actress and Bishop 4/4/14

Duke seem to be doing pretty well at the moment. this gig was to be the shoot for a promo video for their upcoming European gigs. I was surprised when i found out that duke were playing 3rd on the bill and that this gig was being filmed on a phone by Lewis girlfriend.
the first band on the bill was 'The Black Fox' a two piece rock band who i found to be a little uninspiring, they played some originals and some covers, including a rather down beat version of 'get lucky'
After a band huddle 'Duke' headed onto the stage and played a solid set. They're getting stronger and tighter as a band and they played a selection of the songs from the new EP.  The new tracks definitely mark a step up from the first EP. Duke put on a good show.  it was just a shame that barely anyone had shown up to see it, because Duke were easily the best band on the bill last night.
I had a chat with Jack (the bands singer)  after the gig and he talked about his love of Oasis and dismay at the jangly indie bands currently ruling the scene, that there is a lack of balls  in a lot of band. We don't really agree on everything, (I'm a massive fan of Peace, and he's not) but his words definitely rang true while watching. Karma Corner, and Fallen Clouds. both reasonably good indie bands but no real balls. not when compared with duke anyway. They've got good songs and they play them well.
Duke have headlined this venue before to much bigger audiences before and proved themselves to be a great live act. Its a shame that so few got to see them this time.

Oh and another thing. Here  is the bands first Music video - filmed by Lewis Girlfriend on a mobile phone

Oh, and one more thing. here are a few photos of the band i took after the gig in front of the ladies toilets. It was really dark in that little corner so i used my cameras flash to light it up. after about the  4th shot i think I'd blinded them.  but i think these shots were worth it. 

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