Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I've kept an eye on Swerve ever since I saw the last 10 seconds of a gig of theirs  at the actress and bishop, and nabbed a copy of the EP (complete with pink highlighter artwork). This was a nice opportunity to see how they've progressed. Now second on the bill on what was more or less a joint headline with CURB. Their front man is without a doubt one of the coolest (and Beardiest) guys in the scene. He wore a pair of cheap plastic sunglasses* throughout the gig, a big beard, a t shirt of a band I've never heard of and an African style poncho, which he wore as protest to Nigel Farage. Swerve's music is grungey, in fact I've compared them to both Nirvana and Guns 'N Roses in the past. By now the lounge was packed and I was right up against the speakers. At one point they played a Ballard which reminded me of Peace's 'Float Forever', and showed a surprising laid back melodic side to this band which I was not aware of. However this was a rare occurrence, and the rest of the set was full throttle grunge-y Rock n Roll. They even had a little light projector, giving the place a colourful disco feel. I even had 'Honeydripper' playing in my head for days afterwards.  Overall it was a confident and captivating set, I had a feeling that Swerve were a good band from watching those 10 seconds, and it's nice seeing how they've developed into a confident band. if the night had stopped there, then Swerve would have been great head-liners. Swerve owned the Sunflower Lounge, but things were still about to get better...

*good thing, I didn't feel so guilty about using the flash because of this.

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