Monday, April 7, 2014

A Werewolf. Live at talk (Killr Punx Show)

I have seen A Werewolf! not an actual werewolf. but something just as rare, scary and strange. A Werewolf were the first band on last night at Killr Punx 'Why,Said the Moon to Earth' EP launch show.  Two guys in Hawaiian shirts playing incredibly loud Math/hardcore/post/rock/etc. It was quite early and they were the first band on  so not many people were around to see these two guys make this incredible racket. Its hard to say what time signatures they use, or even if they know what those are.
Playing songs called things such as 'Chop yourself off at the knees and pretend your Tom Cruise' and 'Psycho Scientist VS Super Massive Giant Swan' they were able to walk around and get right in everyone's faces, as Talk doesn't really have a stage as such. There was one guy playing the guitar who had some pretty cool finger tapping skills, while the other guy just bashed the shit out of his drums. They also use film samples in between songs, just to make it extra strange. 'Psycho Scientist... shows some signs of melody and was pretty laid back compared with most of the set. But A Werewolf are more about raw noise than songwriting, and they do noise well. I didn't see that much of the set and i wasn't quite sure what to make of it all. Though by the end of it my ears were shattered and I still had 4 bands to go. 

This was the first Killr Punx Show  I've been to and I'm splitting it up into 5 blogs as Killr Punx presents Why, Said the moon to earth Ep Launch Show, Featuring The Mighty Young,Ultimate  Grand Supreme,Woman and A Werewolf. is a very long title for a blog.

you can get this bands Ep for whatever price you name at the link below.

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