Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Mighty Young, Live at Talk (Killr Punx Show)

The Mighty Young are my kind of band, two lads playing raw rock n roll, that thanks to the likes of Royal Blood and Drenge could not be more in fashion at the moment. The sound is obviously indebted to The White Stripes (in fact i think they did a cover of them) which is just as well as this might be as close as you'll get to seeing jack n co at the moment.
Much like the aforementioned bands there is an obvious blues influence on this band.  I've always felt that the best bands are those who respect the blues.  They were jumping around and thrashing about this blues rock riffage for a good 20+ minutes
They were by far my favorite band of the night. A huge amount of energy went into their set, even the very last drum note involved the drummer launching himself off the stool onto the wall behind him.
The Mighty Young. They live up to their name.

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