Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ultimate Grand Supreme. Live at Talk (Killr Punx Show)

Once the rockers had a go it was time for the nerds. Ultimate Grand Supreme make very strange experimental music. Their singer was mostly either on the floor messing with pedals and keyboards or playing his guitar. The resulting music was just totally bizarre. The experimental nature of it all inspired me to experiment with the functions on my camera, hence the strange photos you see here.
I spoke to one of them afterwards  and i told them that they reminded me of BATTLES and while he understood the comparison he felt that his music is even looser and even more experimental. I see what he means. He's also happy that none of the photos show their faces as they like to stay a bit anonymous.
The drums provide a constant rhythm, which makes a backdrop on which you'll find droning guitar noise, keyboards making sounds like you've never heard before, while the bands main man presses all sorts of pedals to make it even weirder. Theres no catchy songs, just experimental freak outs. I found that I had to just respect them for going all out and making this crazy noise.

If you want some idea  of what all this sounds like then check out this video for 'A Tribute to BJorn Again'
Photo: Last nights set list. Pick your favourites.

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