Monday, April 28, 2014


Last Saturday someone spiked my can of Red Stripe. Well someone must have because I can't think of any other explanation for what I saw that night. One minute I'm watching an indie band, the next a group of about 8 guys all wearing neon coloured mops on their heads set up all their kit in the centre of the room and some how make music through video games consoles, guitars and other assorted tech, which is wired through a big electronic thing on top of a desk. on the wall behind them are graphics that abuse Neon Colours in a way that that I've not seen since 2008. It was the sort of audio visual spectacular that even Andy Warhol (famed for his Exploding Plastic Inevitable shows) would have found a bit extreme. Being anonymous gave these guys an opportunity to jump about and dance like nobody was watching. or course everyone was watching, half of us either standing still wondering what on earth they were watching the other half dancing like monkeys.
It's hard to say what kind of music they play because the whole thing felt like more like some kind of an interactive modern art exhibition than just a normal show. But it was kind of like Drum n Bass, Sort of. 
They encouraged audience participation as well, I've got photos of one of them taking a photo of me while I take a photo of him. The guy playing about with a joystick got one of the girls to play about with his joystick.* and they used props such as plastic swords and air guns. Over all the whole experience was confusing, terrifying, mindblowing and made me feel strangely nostalgic for my childhood.
Next time it's your birthday book these guys for the party, your friends will think you're insane but it'll be worth it.

*get your mind out the gutter

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