Friday, April 25, 2014

Beyond B-town: Eyedress, Hearing Colors Review
Today's B-Town Blog comes from Beyond B-Town. Waaay Beyond B-Town, from the Philippines to be exact. I first heard about Eyedress in the NME and of course now that  he's released a brilliant d├ębut album they've barely mentioned it. Typical.  first off most might call it it a mixtape, because it's been released for free, but I'm not sure that's the right term for such a fully formed record. And I would class it as Witchhouse, or Chillwave if it wasn't for both those genres being dead by now.  i think it's best to describe this guys music as being like Crystal Castles without the anger or (as much) 8-bit bleeps, or Grimes without the drug fuelled frenzy.
Hearing Colors is a challenging listen at first. 'Saalamin' starts the record of with a mix of low key vocals, skittish beats and a sort of ringing noise. Nature Trips though is what 'Genesis' is to Grimes, an experimental sounding but actually very catchy pop song. It's the track that will make sure you keep listening to this record. The next few tracks show obvious comparison to
Crystal Castles while Lluna Llena shows a more mellow side to Eyedress' work. which contuines thoughout the next few tracks. Apart from 'White lies' which is a brilliantly heavy industrial banger. 'Mountbatten' however could almost have been written by The Cure, the guitar melodies and general laid back style recalling Robert Smith and co songs such as 'lullaby'. The last two tracks are the come down from this eclectic ride. 'Everything we Touch Turns to Gold' is a beautifully melancholy, yet euphoric ballad.  There's a lot here despite the tracks only being about two minutes long and the whole record only half an hour in total. If you love Crystal Castles, Grimes, Health or if your just a hipster who wants a new act to one up people with, then check him out, you might really dig this guy.

you can download it  here -

and read a bit more about the man himself here.

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