Monday, April 14, 2014


Next up was ANiMA, who's music is a mix of Goth, Grunge, and Metal. The main focus point of this set, or at least of my photos was the singer. Dan Sheridan, Dan seems like the sort of guy who lives and breaths this music. He has long thin jet black hair, pale skin and he wore a T shirt with 'HIPS TITS LIPS POWER' (whatever that means) and set up all his pedals and mic just that little bit closer to us than the rest of the band. His voice reminds me of another singer but I can't remember who (it'll come to me), he was headbanging almost constantly and at one point writhing all over the floor. 
After the first song he said 'Thank you, this is Awkward Silence' to which I turned to my friend and said ' that the song or?..' It's safe  to say that this is not really my thing. But I still spoke a bit too soon making fun of them there. I reckon I'd have loved these guys during my teenage emo years. But I actually kind of like them now, I really enjoyed the show. They are all obviously talented musicians and they've got good songs. I'd say that grunge is probably quite an influence e.g. Smashing Pumpkins, L7.  'You are not Alone' stood out as being a really good song as did 'The Sun and the Moon'. Good songs as well as obvious passion and love for this music separate ANiMA from your usual Emo posers.

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