Wednesday, April 30, 2014


According to Killr Punx theres a lot of hype buzzing around Lime. But I'd never heard of them- not through mags, blogs, or word of mouth. So I've no idea how they managed to bag this headline slot. The problem is that ever since Kurt Cobain went, you know... Grunge has kind of died, many of the genres best bands carried on but the genres dwindling popularity led to Nickleback, Puddle Of Mudd and other crap to take over.
Occasionally bands like Nine Black Alps, The Zico Chain, or Slaves to Gravity have threatened to bring it back but it just hasn't had any impact. LIME are grunge, very Grunge and I feel almost a little sad for them. Once Eskers had finished the teens rushed out so fast that the venue was nearly empty within minutes. Those that went back left again in just as quick a rush. So it was just a hand full of punters that stuck around to see Lime for their 'headline' slot. Those that did found that the trio played loud. VERY LOUD. Unfortunately Lime are were just that slight bit off key. Their music is very raw and gnarly, and their look is pure 90's alternative, baggy t shirts and bleached hair. 'I Don't Mind' is kind of a catchy song. But overall, I just wasn't that impressed with this bunch. If one Brummie band is gonna bring Grunge back into the limelight then it'll be Swerve. Respect to LIME for slogging it out in the little clubs but I'm not sure that they're headline material just yet.

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