Wednesday, May 29, 2013

God Damn

Today I've got myself a ticket to see Swim Deeps gig on Friday. It'll mean I'm not attending my weekly karate class(that I've attended for many many years) for three weeks in a row, but it'll be worth it. hopefully i'll get some debauched stories of the night afterwards and see some good support bands.
Todays blog comes from a band I've not seen but having simply heard was enough to blow me away. Today's blog is about Wolverhampton's GOD DAMN. I've read about them in Brumnotes and heard local bands rave about them, but in truth they are not the death metal band some may say. I think they sound like the meeting point of, blues, indie-rock, Punk, Thrash metal and Tony Iommi riffs. I've given the debut album a listen and its guitar tones are seriously the closest anyone has got to capturing tony's doom laden tone since he played those de-tuned guitars himself. It weaves a huge amount of styles and sounds yet is also heavy as fuck, and pretty raw.

There's also a humor to the songs, especially considering song titles such as 'Like Meat to Morrissey' or in the lyrics, such as those to 'beggar boy'

what else is there to say really? 

They're one of the maddest bands i've heard all year and I recommend that you download the debut album and give a listen to their ep's. 
The new EP 'Heavy Money' is out on June 17th and you can pre-order it on cassette or simply download it for free when it comes out. 
I've said all I can about this lot so ill leave you to have the fun of exploring the records yourself. 

Heavy Money (2013)

I'm a lazer your a radar -(2013)

Demonstration (2012) -Free download 

A pretty good discography for such a new band 

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