Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birmingham New Street Station

I should probably get back to writing about new cool bands but first I'd like to share this with you. You see I thought it would be a good idea  to take a few photos of the new station as it is an important development in our city. Frankly the place looks about half finished, there's still a section of the old station that's open as its the only way to get to two of the platforms. I am working in this station in the Starbucks which is as of today officially open and a few days before when i first got to see the station I took a few photos. As I was taking them one of the security guards started slowly walking towards me. and for a second i thought that i was going to have a stern word had with me, or get in trouble as taking snaps of a station looks suspicious. luckily i had a temporary pass on me and as soon as he saw it he walked off. phew.

Since i took a risk taking these it seems a shame not to share them.

I've learned recently that i probably look more suspicious when browsing around places than I do, during my trial starbucks shift the manager of the sunglasses store I was browsing round came in an joked that I was in his store and he thought I looked like a thief as i was looking at price labels. but seriously £150 for a pair of sunglasses? i'm not even gonna touch em unless i know i can afford them.

Reminds me of the big scaly monster from The Avengers

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