Saturday, June 1, 2013

LACED. Institute Birmingham. 31/5/13

Last night I went to see Swim Deep at the institute. while I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have because I was on my own I can at least say that the music was consistently great.  I've decided to span this gig review into three separate blogs rather than cram it all into one post. The first band on was LACED and they were a band I was excited to see, I had a suspicion from the moment I heard Jade Vine that this band was awesome and as it turns out they're even better than I expected.
I've learned about them from this gig that they're a 5 piece, they wear plaid shirts  and have a girl bassist (which makes any band 50% cooler) who introduced the band with the words "Hello were LACED and your sexy".

They're clearly great musicians too, the drumming was excellent and the whole band has a laid back playing style. yet at the same time they were full of energy and all the songs sounded great, full of great little riffs and melodies. They ended the short set with Jade Vine, which as you might expect sounds awesome live and finished by tossing guitars into the air and smashing them on the ground.

This little support slot only confirmed what i felt might be true, that LACED are by far the best band to come from B-Town's 3rd wave.

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