Friday, May 3, 2013

Mr Hudson - Fred Astaire - Lyric video

Ben Hudson is releasing a new single! its called Fred Astaire and its his first proper Mr Hudson release since Love Never Dies (technically just a collaboration with Caspa). Im loving this new song, hes moved away from the electronics of 'Straight No Chaser' and also from the reggae style of his early roots. Its every bit as classy as a song called 'Fred Astaire deserves to be called its a stomping love song, where quirky electronics bounce along with a retro, jazzy horn led backing track. Lyrically its as simple a love song as you can get Ben sings lines such as 'Your the song stuck inside my head, your the ghost here in my bed, there's no other'. of course it may start off as a simple love song but towards the end it just gets quirkier as more keyboard sounds get added to the song. As usual Ben shows himself to be a great singer, his vocals are soulful yet understated.
This new direction suits Mr Hudson nicely as he's always been a classy guy and it bodes well for his long overdue 3rd album, this style will age better than the synth/rap based songs on Straight No Chaser and I'm looking forward to seeing where he will go with it next. A lot of the hyped acts from 2009 haven't fared so well when they've come round again but I'm hoping that this track and whatever comes next is enough to push Mr Hudson into the limelight he deserves to be in.

The official video will be shot soon so for now we will have to settle for this lyric video. Which is complete with a montage of clips from the golden age of cinema. The song itself will be officially released in early June.

The video share thing isn't working so please follow the link.

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