Monday, May 20, 2013

The Making, I've said it before but this blog has become more successful than I ever could have imagined. why? because now the bands are coming to me. The other day I got an email from a band called 'The Making'

Hey Man,
Just checked out your blog, loving all your reviews! We've just released a new song for free download on our page ("Signals") and you should check it out! West Midlands is the place to be for music right now...
Cheers, Dan.

Lets give it a listen...

It seems to fit the description of 'Grunge-laced Indie Rock with melodies, hooks and splashings of electronica' nicely. this particular track has a rawer punkier feel to it than the laid back slacker grunge of most B-town. Its got some big riffs some who-ho-ho-hooo's and plenty of attitude, not to mention a nice little solo. Production quality's good too, its raw but without sounding like a bedroom demo, like a lot of early releases can. You can download it for free at the bands soundcloud page, and there's also a pretty good track called double D's you can listen too.
The Making were right that the 'West Midlands is the place to be for music right now' and they've helped prove that themselves.

They've got an EP on iTunes too which I might give a listen

P.S. I'm sorry that the blogs have become less frequent, I'm finding myself adjusting to a new job and blogging around it a bit. hopefully I'll get some more live reviews in.

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