Sunday, May 5, 2013

Swing Amajig

There's a great Derren Brown TV special about luck, its brilliant and i urge you to watch it if you haven't. in this show he found a northern town and convinced them that an old statue of a dog could bring people luck. Derren tried to prove his theory that lucky people are simply those that take risks, as opposed to unlucky people who miss out on opportunities.
So if i hadn't decided to follow the mysterious Victorian hand signs with the strange title 'Swing Amajig' written on them, today's story wouldn't have happened. It's been a lovely day today and after having a short meeting with my boss decided to walk around for a bit. I spotted the signs around about Digbeth and found that the 'Swing Amajig' was a small music festival. The people at the festival had already bought tickets online, so like with the Dog is Dead incident, i'd kind of already missed out. After speaking to the staff they said that i could buy a ticket but it would have cost me £25, which was a lot considering I'd not heard of any of the Swing, Jazz, Ragtime, or DJ's playing this afternoon (Till 4:00). I'm glad i found it though, and took the risk because it gave me a nice little story. I also got some free chocolate and saw some people handing out free tote bags today. It just shows that you can never know what to expect when strolling around Birmingham.
My auto setting is crap at white balances 

On another note this is pretty cool, one of my co-workers at the store i'm working at is the girlfriend of the guitarist of one of Birmingham's biggest bands.

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