Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Editors -Ton of Love. Review and video

 Editors are back! and the new 4th album 'The Weight of Your Love' is out on the 1st of  July. You can watch the new video for 'Ton of Love' ^^^

I remember first hearing Editors on the radio back in 2005 and being completely blown away by them. i never got round to hearing any of the albums though and by the time they'd done album 3 i'd seen them as nothing more than Joy Division rip offs. Now that they're back its time i think i gave them a proper listen. with the B-Town scene being as vibrant as it is, this is a good time for Editors to make a comeback. 

Compared with the electronic style of the last record this is more of a straight out rock song, complete with a great opening riff and strummed acoustic guitars. If anything its the most american they've ever sounded, even being slightly Springsteen-ian (I made that word up). The vocals in particular have a rough american sound and lyically its quite simple, the word 'Desire' is repeated a lot. my favorite line from the song is "I don’t trust the government, I don’t trust myself, What is a boy gonna do?"

so yeah straight forward no nonsense slightly american rock n roll. 

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