Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It seems that barely a day goes by without some new Birmingham band coming through the woodwork.
Today I've decided to write about Leopard a band who formed in December last year and describe themselves as "4 piece post jazzcore acid baggy korean crabmetal grunge destroyers". Which isn't that accurate a description of their sound but it will give you some idea.
They've only released one song so far (listen above) but its brilliant. It fits in with the psychedelic sound of B-Town but it's a little bit darker, maybe a bit murkier. Strummed guitars are played alongside a wall of sound coming from a constant keyboard riff and as you may expect vocals are low in the mix. The drumming is pretty cool too.

The band list Tame Impala and Deftones among their influences and that makes sense considering the blissed out hazy psychedelic wall of sound that they make. Personally it reminds me a bit of 90's shoegaze (early verve?) although my dad reckons it sounds like Hawkwind. not since LACED have a Birmingham band come out with such a fully realised sound for a debut release, but then again that was only a month or two ago.

you can download it for free on the bands Soundcloud page.


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