Saturday, June 7, 2014

Why? said the Moon to Earth (live at talk 4/6/14)

"Come see Birmingham's token 'gaze band (us) open for some genuine talent (the other bands)" is what W? put on their Facebook to promote their ALLUSONDRUGS support slot, worryingly this isn't that bad an actual description. Last time I saw them at talk it was an event for the launch of their d├ębut EP. this time around they were opening and only a handful of people had come along.  W? are a shoegaze band that suit the term better than any other I have seen. They stare at the ground, and the songs are more experimental, instrumental pieces than songs. While they were content to stare into space making this noise, the audience were doing the same. As layers of droning guitar noises came one after another like waves hitting a beach. There is a definite sense of melody in their songs and they all play a real part. The rhythm section of the band play their instruments the same way a guitarist might rather than just keeping time/ filling in the gaps. W? set made for an absorbing one, but not particularly big on crowd participation or showmanship. W? did a decent job of starting off the night, and a pretty great night of live music it was too. 


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