Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fizzy Blood (Live at TALK) 4/6/14

Fizzy blood are a proper rock and roll band. On the 4th june when I saw them share a bill with Why?said the moon to Earth, Great Uncles and Luminance. They were the only band who had properly gone on tour with the headliners ALLUSONDRUGS. Coming all the way from Leeds to play.
So far they've not even released a single, but they are a fully formed band, made up of members who all have years of experience. They've been played on Radio One and they've got a slot at the Download festival to look forward too when I said that things seemed to be looking good for them to their guitarist, he said he was just glad to have something to do.  Apparently one of them is a medical student, and Fizzy Blood is an actual medical condition.
Rather than just stand on the stage they set their kit up right in front of it. They then proceeded to jump and run about the place like no one was watching. The energy they out into the show was amazing, even if the small group of people who were watching were no where near as active. Not that this bothered the Fizzy Blood that much. They said that they would give their only existing t shirt (owned by the singer from ALLUSONDRUGS) to who ever went craziest, or at least did 'the least awkward head nod'.
Upcoming new single 'January Sun' is a good sign of what to expect from these guys. It's bonkers- mental full throttle Rock N Roll. And I saw plenty of that on this night.

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