Saturday, June 14, 2014

ALLUSONDRUGS (Live at TALK) 4/6/14

Are ALLUSONDRUGS* on drugs? yes, probably. If this gig is anything to go by, despite playing to only a handful of punters they treated this show as if it was wembley. The energy levels coming off these guys from the start were incredible. They were jumping around, falling over each other, running about and just making it an amazing show to watch and be a part of.  There are huge riffs and choruses in each song, yet the whole tone is so raw, so gnarly, after seeing that chaotic live show I've thought about calling them Britain's answer to 'The Orwells'. Yet there is a psychedelic tint to the bands sound that sets them apart from just being a grungey punk rock band. They've been compared to bands as diverse as Queens of the Stone Age and Elliot Smith, although when i mentioned bands such as The Orwells, they hadn't heard of them. Oh and they actually have good songs! I bought a copy of their new single 'Nervous' from the bands Kurt Cobain** lookalike singer (probably not a coincidence) and he told me to play it until i break it. I've already played it more than most ep's i've picked up from gigs. Nervous is actually a pretty catchy tune, with lyrics that speak of anxiety. While the b-side 'Handicapped' is even heavier and faster. Yet the demo version of 'Nervous' shows another side to the band. Not far off from Nirvana recordings such as 'Polly' or 'Something in the way'. It has a warm scratchy quality to the sound, and the stripped back approach lends an air of vulnerability to the lyrics.
Afterwards i bought one of their t shirts out of a cardboard box at the back of their battered old white van while one of them got changed. The name might stop them from being played on the radio, but i think any band with this much dedication to their craft, can and maybe will make it big. These guys are doing rock n roll the old school way, building hype through awesome live gigs across the country rather than through internet hype. ALLUSONDRUGS are my new favourite band. They will be yours too.

*The name is pronounced 'All Us on Drugs' not 'alice on drugs or allisson drugs as i initially thought.
**Imagine meeting Kurt Cobain and finding that he has a very strong yorkshire accent, thats what this guy is like.

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