Monday, June 9, 2014

Luminance (Live at TALK) 4/6/14

After Luminance's drummer went up stairs and loudly shouted to us all about how amazing his band is I went down to check them out. Although not before i nabbed a copy of their debut single. A brown envelope with the name stamped on the back and kept together with a red wax seal of the letter l. Sadly my copy was blank, but i've still got to give them full marks for presentation.
 I wasn't too sure what to make of the band at first, they look like a metal band yet the music itself has echoes of shoegaze and progressive rock. They are not too far off from the likes of the Horrors. Though compared with Why? Said the Moon to Earth's set earlier on, this felt like a darker, yet much more tuneful take on the genre. While W? make droning guitar noises Luminance can write decent songs. New single Neo Seoul is proof of that.
The problem is that I absolutely loved Great Uncles, and Luminance were the opposite in many ways. They felt rather charmless next to the upbeat, funny garage rock  i'd seen before.
This isn't really their fault though. I have no doubt that Luminance are a great band but i guess I wasn't really in the mood. Although having said that it was their psych sounds that inspired me to fiddle about with my camera settings, which is why all my shots of the band are very colourful yet blurry, (that one above looks like a 3d film doesn't it?). It took me a while to get into the groove but once i did i enjoyed these guys. though they were not my favorite band of the night.

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