Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lunar Festival Review (Part Two)

Scott Matthews
By Midday the sun was at it's highest. Scott Matthews provided a perfectly fitting soundtrack to the afternoon nap. I can't say much about the Ivor Novello songwriter's set because I was napping, but I do remember enjoying the bluesy edge to his songs.  I probably should have been paying attention to
 what was probably some very personal and beautiful songs, but I wanted a nap. Josh Pye on the Northern Sky stage complimented this laid back vibe.
Chicken Bone John gave me and a few others a lesson on a few of his own handmade Cigar Box guitars. he makes these guitars himself and sells them for the reasonable price of £80.  They are beautiful things so it was great to get a lesson  on one. Even if only he got an amp and in 10 minutes there was only a few basics to learn, but in truth it was just nice seeing a master of the blues play, telling jokes and making his short lesson one of the most enjoyable parts of the day.
The next band on the main stage were brummie experimentalists Pram, who were uh, experimental.  It was interesting and unique music yet it didn't really stay with me I get the cult appeal of the band but for me something was lacking.
Jabba Cartel
Not long after did the rain decide to come out with sudden torrential downpour, forcing hundreds to run for the nearest tent, the guy playing in the catering tent couldn't believe his luck as an audience opf about 100 suddenly came in to watch his set. Once the rain had cleared slightly  I decided to brave the elements and check out Jabba Cartel. A group whose "Uncanny blend of acoustic drum and bass trip-hop latin folk Cuban raga techno rhythms" (What ever that means) made for a refreshing and interesting distraction while i waited for the sun to come out. They definitely sound very latin for a band from Leamington Spa, while they are all amazing musicians, and they have a really cool bloke playing bongos.
I missed a lot of The Destroyers set (as I was buying food from a guy who had appeared on the Great British Bake-Off) but what I saw of it was awesome. There was an amazing energy to them that had got just about everyone dancing, you couldn't help but go mad for it. The sight of a man playing a violin and wearing a gold lame waistcoat while rolling on the mud next to a group of people in full Polyphonic Spree robes will stay with me forever.
Dirty Old Folkers
The Northern sky Stage Tent was totally packed. sneaking inside was pretty difficult with so many people trying to get a glimpse of  'Dirty Old Folkers' playing. Featuring the Grim Reaper, a Panda and two nuns on back up vocals. The Folkers made for a funny and hugely enjoyable set. Featuring songs about Birmingham, Spanking the Monkey, and a brilliant section of famous songs reworked with new lyrics about The Lord Of the Rings. Audience participation made for a big part of this gig. During the LOTR montage the frontman got two swords and when he waved the lightsaber at the blokes they'd be orcs and shout 'OHHH' when he'd point his 'Pink Sword' at the ladies they'd be Elves and shout 'ooohhhh! Brilliant stuff.
Irish Folkies Tir Na Nog were surprisingly awesome as the headliners for the Northern Sky Stage, So awesome that i'm going to write on them separately.  One of my only complaints is that i got a little bored while trying to get as far away as possible from The Magic Band waiting for Tir Na Nog to play. By this point i'd already been to the vintage tents around 3 times. Next year I hope that more alternatives are included if such divisive acts are at the top of the bill.

Never mind though, as Arthur Brown and particularly The Polyphonic Spree made it an unforgettable night

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