Saturday, June 7, 2014

Great Uncles (Live at TALK) 4/6/14

 After Why? said the Moon to Earth's set it was time to heat things up a bit, Like I have said before two piece rock n roll bands seem to be in fashion right now, yeti don't think Great Uncles will ever be in fashion. The band that they remind me of the most  -'Sex Bob-Omb' don't actually exist. Yet the music these two produce reminds me a lot of the slightly dodgy garage rock bands you see in Scott Pilgrim. Credit is due where it's due, Great Uncles persevere where some bands wouldn't, with a rare stiff upper lip attitude. They had some bad technical difficulties. Their amps, and speakers made them sound like angry robots. But they pulled through, making jokes and coping with the glitches to make the second half of the set much better. Each song is about a minute and a half long, and each one is about some awful yet hilarious event from the singers life. Such songs can be read as satirical comments on consumerism but I don't think they were intended to be. Its obvious that Great Uncles may never headline a festival, or make the cover of your favourite magazine, but I defy you not to love them. check out their single 'regular bar'  here. It's a catchy little tune.

(Note to Great Uncles: I downloaded your song for free because I couldn't be bothered to remember my paypal details, so i hope you accept this free publicity as a payment)


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