Monday, June 23, 2014

Tir Na Nog. Live at Lunar Festival Review

 Until i had been to the Lunar Festival  my only knowledge of tir Na Nog  had come from my dad. Even while we were watching them getting started he just said that it was agreeable gentle folk music. This was a pretty apt description for the first song. Two old Irish blokes playing delicate wistful folk music that they wrote in the 1970's. When their Professor Snape lookalike singer announced that their next song was something he'd written in 1968. I was expecting the same. I was wrong, he pressed a button on a black box* next to him, and funky, funky beats started playing. These cult 1970's Folkers had updated their sound, to the 1990's. Which luckily for them could not be cooler at the moment. The following songs would have sounded in place on a Happy Mondays or Stone Roses album. okay I know this sounds rather strange,  no one else there was probably thinking these things, but it was what came to mind for me.
This was of course made even better by the fact that these guys have been playing together for near 40 years. and it shows. Their singer's style of guitar playing is hugely accomplished and fast, but never showy. 
of course the bands other member showed off his guitar skills, as well as playing bongos here and there. They also mentioned how much of a lovely day It had been, being able to catch up with Donovan and pay their respects to Nick Drake. All in this beautiful setting. And we really do have the Late Nick Drake for inspiring all this, this festival is his tribute and it makes for a fitting one.

Overall Tir Na Nog played a short set, that was short on showmanship or audience interaction. but the quality of the playing and the shock of what I saw compared with what I was expecting meant I left the tent on a high. Tir Na Nog had started the nights entertainment. Things from this point on were only going to get better.

*I feel like in some way that this was cheating, but in this case I'll have to let him off 

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