Monday, July 29, 2013

Table Scraps Ep review

Swordfish records has moved to a new location. I decided to find the new store with a printed out map and eventually found the new location (It's round the corner from Scruff Murphy's). After a quick mooch I found a tape of the awesome two piece i'd seen the week before. I realised a moment later thought that i didn't own a tape player and walked out. Then went back in and bought it.

As you'd expect it's 3 tracks of raw, unhinged rock n roll, the recordings perfectly capture the energy and passion of the live performances, which is impressive for a demo let alone any recording. Thankfully the sound is clean and crisp. The liner notes says that it was 'Electronically recorded onto Tascam 85-16b/i inch tape'  by the sound of it they're keeping to the old school recording methods of the White Stripes.
Track 1 What you don't Allow pretty much sets the bar for all this, 'I don't care what you don't allow, i'm gonna do it anyhow' being a spray paintable slogan for disobedience.
'In the ground' manages to be even louder and riffier, with one guitar providing the riffs and the feedback at the same time, effectively being two instruments at a time. 'Sinking Ship' was a highlight of the live show and it sounds every bit as ferocious here as i remember. only problem here is that only one of the download links worked for me, but <UPDATE> the band sent me the songs and fixed it for me. So far this little tape is the only way to own these recordings however, and even if £4 is a lot for a dead format, it was worth it for this cool little memento of the amazing brum scene.

you can hear the tracks on

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