Thursday, July 4, 2013

Modern Minds.

Going to gigs alone is never much fun, but When I went to see Peace Last week I'd been lucky enough to meet the friend of a friend that wasn't going that was going*. I met the guy in the venue and i thought that i could go draw out and get a pint before he'd done his business, I was wrong and ended up completely forgetting the guys face by the time i'd got the pint. Some guy was shouting stuff at me while i was standing by myself, but being a nice guy it led to a conversation. before long me and Luke Pritchard** from Modern Minds were getting along like a house on fire.

So it was worth checking out the music he makes.
'Levels' is the bands Debut, and its a very enjoyable melodic bouncy indie tune. Its full of infectious energy, guitar led hooks, and shouty vocals. Its laddish without being particularly brash and is not a million miles from a ballsier, Two Door Cinema Club ***. Its a confident first step that marks the lads out as being worth your time. Make up your own mind with the video above, and keep in mind that if you meet any of them, Pritchard at least is mad as a box of bats after a few beers, but a lot of fun too.

*Bit of a mouthful, the friend was Lewis from Duke BTW
** No relation to the guy from The Kooks
*** No offense meant to Two Door Cinema Club of course. 

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