Friday, July 12, 2013

Names To Watch (Part 1)

I'm never going to run out of bands to write about at this rate, here is the list as it stands of the names on peoples mouths, hanging about online or in the local mags that I've yet to blog about.

The Scribers, Friday Club, Laranja,Winter Strom, Opium Lord, Blachleat Generator, Minced Beats, Sigmund Freud, The Traps, Tom Peel, Only Shadows, Epic 45, Gyspy Hill, Them Wolves, The Grapfham Water Sailing Club, Winston's Big Brother, Flowers, Juice, Fairs, Evil Alien, Deep Joy, Atlantic Players,  Reprise, Tom Walker Trio, The Notebenders, The Crimson Star, Glassbullet, Karl Merrick, Basebeta (+ The Basesics), New Killer Shoes, Faith, Tales, California Daze

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