Monday, July 22, 2013


artwork made with highlighters
I only got to see the last two minutes of Swerve's set at the actress and bishop on Tuesday so I was happy that I managed to get a free CD of theirs, so that I could get a chance to give this band a listen and luckily despite my mate playing Frisbee with it still plays.

A lot of bands these days (especially in brumland) aspire to sound like the great grunge bands of the 90's. Swerve's music definitely shows that influence, the two tracks Honeydripper and Here both have fuzzy guitars, rough, low in the mix vocals and on 'Here' a definite metal influence, the punk/grungey sound is mixed with a massive heavy doom laden, saabatheqse* guitar sound. Overall though as well as sounding grungey these tracks also show more of a classic rock influence and a funky swagger. It's complete with old school guitar solo's and metal -ish lyrics. Its strange hearing this old school metal crossed with old school grunge mixed in a way I've not heard before, overall its like Guns N' Roses crossed with Nirvana.
These are funky, rough and ready songs that sound as if they were recorded in someone's garage and probably were. I can also say that it seems i missed out on a pretty good show when i missed these guys.

*Probably no coincidence, the word 'paranoid' is repeated at least 3 times.

The record was made in loving memory of Ray Manzarek

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