Monday, July 15, 2013

Winter Storm

Not the prettiest guy I've ever met but he's lovely really. 
Meet Will. Many of the people I attended college with from 2009-11 with make me feel like a complete under achiever (one of my course mates, now studies at the NY Arts conservatory, another dances on the telly) and I suppose Will is one of those people (I should probably mention that I've not properly seen him in  a while). You see he happens to be a musician, first and foremost a drummer, alongside various projects that have come and gone his main band is Winter Storm. A band who might just be one of Birmingham metal's leading lights. Album Number two 'Within The Frozen Design' comes out on  the 16th of November.  The video below from the last album shows that Winter Storm play epic goth tinged heavy metal. Full of eerie synth melodies, Will's powerful death metal style drumming and the riffs/solos you'd expect from any good metal band, as well as some great female vocals powerfull yet not over-egged, female vocals.
Happily for them they seem to be having some deserved success, with support slots having been filled for bands such as Delian and Alestorm. Frankly it was quite a shock discovering how good my old college mates band actually is.

Will's other band is called Reprise, Renamed from the sort of joke band called Quid, Reprise are currently looking for gigs in the West Midlands area. This is a video of theirs

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