Friday, August 2, 2013

Swim Deep 'Where the Heaven Are We' Review

Well the time has come! Where the heaven are we is coming out on Monday and I've had a listen to it. the reviews have been a bit 'meh' from the professional's so here is my slightly biased opinion*.

A short intro begins the album, which is sort of a demo version  of 'She Changes the Weather', with slow piano and acoustic guitar

Francisco takes over with 80's style kick drums and synths. It's all very melodic and laid back, though maybe just a little bit over-egged. The lyrics are full of the optimistic spirit that the band are known for and its nice and all, but i'm not sure if it really works for me. I never was an 80's kid, i had a bit of an overdose of 80's style pop in 2008-2009 so that's probably why i'm not warming to it as much as the rest of the album.

No matter, because King City sounds as amazing as ever. The more I've heard this song the more I've grown to love it. At first i felt it was a bit bland, but now it sounds like a real anthem, its the song everyone wants to hear at the end of  a Swim Deep Gig, and on this album it seems to have had a slight bit more production, just to make it even more euphoric.
Same goes for 'Honey' which is more mellow but if anything even more catchy, and like 'King City' is a real live favorite. 'Don't Just Dream in your Sleep It's Just Lazy' is pretty much a motto for any Swim Deep fan and it sums up the message behind the music.

Colour Your Ways follows on perfectly, and it's instantly lovable, it's like I was saying earlier, this is the first time I've ever listened to it but i feel like its an old song i used to love a few summers ago, i feel happier just listening to it. It's full of melodies, It's a wall of sound but not an overpowering  one, its a wall of euphoric, blissed out summery joy and like a lot of the album this has the potential to stick in your head.
Make my Sun Shine is a song that's been stuck in my head ever since i heard it live back in June. It's a gorgeous love song, one that really seems to sum up what being in love is all about. The funky bass riffs have been lodged in my head since that night and i remember this one going down brilliantly with the (mostly female) crowd.

And then on to another single, 'The Sea' which is about as mellow and laid back as it is possible for a song to be. It has the same vibe as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers more laid back songs. I love how subtle it all sounds, especially the organ, as an organ can make any song just that little bit better. I'm amazed that its even possible to make song quite this laid back and delicately played
'Red Lips I Know' carries on the mellow vibe, with more subtle, funky guitar riffs, while 'Soul Tripping'  is slow burner, more of a ballad, as is 'Stray'.

'She Changes the Weather' finishes off the album, and fittingly so. This song is incredible,  i love the way it slowly builds, it has one of the best intro's to any song I've heard all year. Somehow this track doesn't feel overproduced, it is subtle yet epic at the same time in an almost Arcade Fire type way.

I get the feeling that maybe i'm too much of a miserable git to really buy into this record, but it's perfect summer music, full of funky melodies, euphoric synths and an instant familiarity. I don't mean to repeat myself but the familiarity is a good thing, nothing on here has any obvious influences, yet everything sounds as if I've known it for years, its a nice feeling that makes the songs easy to warm to and enjoy.
It borders on being a bit cheesy but its good enough not to suffer from it. On first listen i was a bit unsure about the production, (it seems under produced at times and over produced at others). Its not perfect, but it contains one of the best runs of singles of any band recently and it's growing on me with each listen (3 times in one day!). I think I'll buy a copy.


*It's tempting to be kinder if your from the same area

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