Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Table Scraps + Others, Actress and Bishop. 16/7/13

 Yesterday afternoon I was bored, its lovely and sunny but I was feeling like I needed to get out, luckily my old mate Jason (Pink Violence) was Dj-ing and i thought i'd come along and see the local bands.
I got there just in time to miss Swerve but got to hang around and see Jason Dj-ing old indie tunes, which seemed ridiculously easy, I'd just look through his DJ program and shout oooh! pixies! oooh play black sabbath, (when he put Sabbath Bloody Sabbath on, some people cheered, I was happy that my choice had had that reaction).
The Kaleidoscopes were the next band on and I thought they were more ok than great. They all looked about 14, and were rocking a skinny jean version of the classic grunge look. Whether they realise it or not, this band are far far bluesier than any other grunge inspired, (or any bands really) bands that i'd heard, amongst the distorted guitars were funky bluesey riffs that they seemed to be able to play with ease. What I didn't like was the singer's voice, which at times grated when he left his range. Despite all this, The Kaleidoscopes show plenty of promise, with good songs and some flashes of brilliance.

After this was Northampton's Anguish Sandwich, I hardly ever say this about anyone but I did not get these guys. They are a three piece who play shouty punk rock and clearly don't take themselves at all seriously. I got tired of the novelty pretty quickly and while other audience members seemed to like them and buy the vinyl EP's, I't didn't work for me.
No matter though 'cos Table Scraps were absolutely amazing, as a Boy girl duo Its tempting to compare them to the White Stripes, or The Kills, but the sound this band have is too raw,too loud and just to noisey to be compared to those two, I've never heard Royal Trux but  Table Scraps are probably what they sound like. The whole thing just appealed to everyone, you've got the girl bashing the shit out of the drums while standing up and the guy trashing his guitar and screaming. This is Rock n roll at its most primal and raw, even to say the usual 'thanks for coming, this is our next song', the guy sounded angry and out of breath. The following cover of Blue Monday was completely unrecognisable if not for a few well known lyrics, what also took me about the band is how Photogenic they are, despite just being two people from Birmingham they look like like something you'd find in a Californian desert.
This band Rock.

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