Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Youth Man

I have views in Latvia and Russia now, I bet if I wrote a blog on HURTS I could get a huge amount of views over there. Sadly hurts are from Manchester, so instead i'm going to tell you all about... Youth Man.

You see the Birmingham scene isn't all murky psychedelia, Youth Man are a three piece  female fronted band comprised of Kaila Whyte, Marcus Perks and Adam Haitof. the sound is very much scrappy punk rock. Riot Grrrl is probably what the critics would describe it as, which I think  is a reasonable description even if I don't know what Riot Grrrl music sounds like. 
their debut EP is available as a free download which is available on their facebook page either as a £5 CD or a pay-what-you-like download.  
The EP is full of scrappy punk songs, on first listen it sounds like a complete mess and that's because it is, but musically there's a lot to listen out for, there's only bass, guitar and drums being played but they'e being played well. The bass is used as a proper instrument rather than just 'dum dum dum...' while the guitar and drums both get a good thrashing.
There's a variety of sounds on the record, while 'Pretty Little Idiot' and 'Youth Man' are pretty much described above, 'The Word' is a bit more of a slow burner, it bursts into a big chorus of course but overall it's all bit more focused and refined. 'Cold' is another slow burning highlight which has a more grungey sound to it.

Overall the record sounds like it was recorded on a constant sugar high and it's a real grower, It's always nice to hear a punk band that doesn't really take itself that seriously, and a Birmingham band standing firmly out from the crowd. 

I think I'll keep this blog short and sharp (much like Youth Man's songs) as I'm not feeling well, but If I do go to the Brumnotes presents gig on Friday the 5th at the 02 academy 3 then i'm sure I'll have a lot more to say about them.


P.S Tomorrow I have a job interview for a position at one of the New, New Street Station developments in brum, Exciting stuff. 

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