Sunday, April 28, 2013


I'm a little bit irked by the split of JLS, because I sort of liked them. compared with the likes of One Direction they were simply 4 nice talented lads and they seemed like genuinely nice people. At first I kind  of hated them but they kind of grew on me later when they were able to get better songwriters. This links into Birmingham because at the 2009 light switch on I was able to see them live. On paper this should have been a brilliant night. A line up of JLS,Calvin Harris, Pixie Lott,Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder and a few others plus a few fareground rides was enough to bring well prety much the numbers you'd expect to the the think tank. What could possibly go wrong?
For now though lets focus on what I did get to see. JLS put out a good 30 minute set, including all the recent hits and a cover of Rihanna's umbrella, I didn't see much of them considering where I was but I did get to see some impressive back-flips.
Afterwards though we got half an hour of people announcing that if we wanted to see Calvin Harris we'd have to all push back. We had no idea what was going on but after a while of waiting it all just stopped. no one knew what had happened or were the bands were but something had bought the show to a standstill. . As youtube showed us later what had happened was that about a mile behind us a few hundred people had been pushed into a tiny space, people broke out of  the gates an ran out bringing the whole show to standstill.
I was angry about this at the time as there had been next to no reporting in the news, and that the event had been so badly planned, people had felt caged, and that many acts in such a small place was obviously going to attracted far more attendees than they had planned for.
The problem is though that while I don't know what's been done for the lights since, I think we need another go at this, in a bigger venue, with more quality rather than quantity based shows we could put on something really special. That night in 2009 could have been a brilliant night but ultimately it was just a badly organised fiasco.

Anyway that was the only time I saw JLS, I wont miss them but they were okay, they were the boyband that it was borderline okay for hetrosexual males to like 

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