Friday, April 12, 2013

BM&AG -Metropolis: reflections on the modern city

Have you been to your local Art gallery lately?  if you haven't then you might have missed out on a few things. Right now there are a few good exhibitions on at the Art Gallery in Victoria Square, There's an exhibition called New Art:West Midlands where local artists and creative's have had  the chance to show off their works. My favourite has been the Exhibition 'Metropolis: reflections on the modern city'. It's big exhibit, in the same room where I've been to see the 'Home Of Metal'  and the 'Government Art Exhibition's'

The theme of the many artworks in this room is pretty vague and universal, its a multimedia series of pieces  from artists all over the world. Some of its very strange - there is a Chinese film made using the Second life game that I just didn't get, there is also a bunch of jerry cans stuck together with a big pole ( I have no idea why) there was some things i enjoyed a lot. Here's some of my favourites.

what your seeing here is a massive montage put together by the graffiti artist Barry MCgee. I liked this is there is just so much too look at, it sort of curves out, giving the whole thing an immersive 3D feel. there's a mix of Photographs, drawing's and patterns

here's a similar film of Las Vegas
This bit was my favourite, my scruffy notes tell me that its a 2009 installation by Grazia Toderi. what he's done is basically show 6 different inverted city landscapes and then shown them on a big screens, on a loop with dark atmospheric sound-scapes playing at the same time. At first I was completely drawn into it, I thought it was pretty amazing and started at it for about 5 minutes, after a while it becomes quite terrifying. I think the feeling its supposed to give off is one of being trapped, and that cities can be soulless, dark places.
This isn't as Silly as it looks at first

It's Rubbish

There's a few installations by Chinese artists here, one of the stranger ones is two screens, one has a woman blowing, the other has a screen moving away in sync with her blowing, its interesting but would make more sense if I'd been to Shanghai. This piece here makes more sense to me, Its deceptively simple, a Photograph of a Chinese city, turns out to be a very cleverly edited, work inspired by ancient Chinese scrolls, Basically every thing's the same size. Clever huh?

 These art works will make more sense of you see them in the flesh. so I recommend you get down to The Gallery and see them yourself

(I took all the pics myself)

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