Thursday, April 25, 2013

Female Smell

"FEMALE SMELL - A who’s who of nobodies, dead beats, and duddards, stricken with addiction and bad attitude, but the “you can’t help but love em” spit on a cloth Nan and wipe his face, scuzz buckets of FEMALE SMELL."

Listening to this bands Demo tape has given me a headache. That's not necessarily a bad thing, Crystal Castles nearly gave me a migraine the first time I heard 'Courtship dating'. the thing is though that while I grew to slowly love Crystal Castles, whether I could truly love female smell remains to be seen. you see thing thing is the three tracks on their 'No Mards' demo are so loud, noisy, chaotic and completely unhinged that its nearly impossible to write this blog and listen to them at the same time.

The first track 'Can't Help it Anymore' is a sort of garage rock/punk/screamo/metal mash up that literally sounds like 3 songs playing at the same time. whether you like it or not it will grab your attention and make your ears hurt. It's the sound of a band who clearly couldn't give a fuck, and might be taking the piss slightly. frankly I'm amazed they managed to get a clean recording of it all. They can play though in its own way its quite intricate and if they even use time signatures they must be all over the place.

'Look at me now' is pretty much more of the same, except it has a more metal feel and you might make out a few of the lyrics. and 'Screw' which is track 3 starts off with a proper intro, and a repeated guitar rhythm  and then more of the same. it shows that they can play at less than 100 mph though, as its mostly a slow builder before the choruses (if you think they can be called that).

Remember that I do not write this blog to slander, I'm not saying that they're bad, just that they're not for the faint hearted, you should listen to it purely to see what you think, whether you like it or not they will inspire a reaction.

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You'll find a download of their EP on their bandcamp page. You can chose whether you want to pay for it or not.

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  1. Female Smell's 'Look at me Now' Video makes the videos of the week section on Electronic Beats today!! Filmed by Brums very own megalopolis productions... (No.5 in list)