Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pink Violence, The Pink EP -Exclusive Review

Punk Violets Pink Violence (Aka, Jason Tyler, Cassius Neon, Neon Asylum) is dropping his Debut Pink Violence Ep some time soon, and I've been one of the first to hear it.
Jason always seems to have more ideas than he knows what to do with, he's always posting things on Facebook, like ' I want to form a punk band' and the fact that he made the ill-advised decision to change his projects name (Pink violence sounds cooler but he’d already got a following as Neon Asylum). It’s this constant stream of ideas and creativity that gives Pink violence its trademark sound.  

The first track 'This Is Pink' is a menacing 48 second introduction. It’s a terrifying mix of sounds; it gives the EP a Sci-Fi kind of feel. It's a perfect introduction to 'Fresh Air' which is a bouncing blend of techno beats and ambient synths, it’s a very unpredictable listen that’s packed full of different sounds. It’s a unique fresh sound, sort of like Crystal Castles, ambient house music and funk music all tossed in a blender.  
‘Torture’repeats the same trick as ‘This is pink’, its 30 seconds of strangely organic sounding sci-fi noises and frantic drumming that introduces the next track.
'Midnite' is a  few minutes  of pounding techno/trance/Drum N Bass, full of pounding synths and fast paced drums. Its a pretty chaotic few minutes, where everything seems to be playing at 100mph. New sounds fade in and fade out along side the skittish, Drum n’ Bass fast paced backing tracks. There are bits where it slows down and others where it’s a keyboard shred-athon.

‘Punk Violets’ is a bit like Crystal Castles at their most uneasy listening, although it has a strangely oriental sound. The beats are squelchy and the main rhythm is a crunching synth, all while subtle Berlin-bowie style synths give it a brooding dark feel. You could say that its quite 80’s, almost like New Order, or Ultavox being covered by aliens.

The last track, Gold is another Drum n’ Bass track, It has a similar Sci-Fi feel to it, and a mix of mellow sounds playing alongside manic drums and then it kind of changes into something completely different

Overall 'The Pink Ep' is about 20 minutes of uneasy listening, I played it to my mum and she felt it sounded like the sort of thing that would be used to torture people in the 1960's (Think Michael Caine in The Ipcress File). While most dance producers mix a few samples and beats together, Jason instead makes things fade in and fade out, out of nowhere, you can never really predict where the tracks will head next and many types of dance music have been mixed together. Its rare when dance music is this inventive and creative. Neon Asylum was basically just noise, but this is about 100 noises at once. Its kind of chilled out and relaxed yet aggressive and barbaric at the same time.

Jason’s indecisiveness and creativity plays a big part in the way this EP sounds. Some may find that a turn off, and other’s may find it fascinating. It reminds me a bit of the Ex-military mixtape by Death Grips which was an album of extreme noise and creativity. They followed it up with a much more direct sound and this may be the next step for Pink Violence. I must say I’m impressed by this and I never knew Jason was this talented. If you want to hear someone breaking new ground and creating a unique sound then this is the EP for you.

You can listen to some of it here

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