Monday, April 22, 2013

The other day I nearly got to see Dog Is Dead.

I love blogging, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction and an enjoyable creative outlet. I enjoy being able to promote my city and in particular writing about the bands that don't always get the attention they deserve in the trendy rags. However there are times when it annoys me, such as when earlier today I accidentally deleted my blog on Dog Is Dead, So I'm going to try and rewrite it, hoping its as good as when it first got published.

It all started a few hours before I was able to leave for work, (I'm currently attending trial shifts at a Starbucks in the city centre) I got a text from a friend of mine asking whether I like Dog is Dead, it was an odd question so responded by saying that I thought they were okay. he responded by telling me that they were doing a secret gig in the bullring that he had a ticket for but couldn't make. I found this really exciting, a proper established indie band playing a secret gig in the bullring! I got my break at half 5 for half an hour because that's when he said it started. It was exactly where I expected it to be, between the bullring and the church, same place I saw Cage The Elephant play a free gig in 2009.

It was a small cordoned off section by a little van. The whole thing was an obvious promotion of a new app by the streaming service Deezer, I saw people queueing up to get in and I nearly did my self, people were being given free tote bags and from what I heard the staff saying I think they may have had T-shirts in them as well. People were being given cordless headphones, at first I thought maybe it was a live stream of a Dog is Dead gig elsewhere but I saw the band themselves hanging around. from talking to some girls in the queue what I gatherd  was that its a live stream of a gig  happening in front of you, so you watch the band tyet you hear them through headphones. Its a great way to promote an app but its not what I want from my live experience, I want the sweat, the banter, the interaction, the earache, the social aspect. Although when I told my work colleague about this after he thought it was a great idea.

unfortunately I didn't get to see it in the end, I didn't feel to comfortable about lying about my name to get past the guest list (It was not a ticket after all) and my shift started at 6:00 when the gig actually started. I was a bit disappointed about missing it,but then again I was also a bit disappointed that the raucous impromptu live gig I was expecting was actually a headphone streaming session. I don't mind though, I don't even like Dog is Dead that much anyway.

I thought the guy stroking his hair was in the band, now i'm not so sure

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