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Ming Moon Resturant review.

Ming Moon -Grand Entrance
Posh Innit
Since I'm telling you about Birmingham's music and culture I might as well tell you where to eat while your down there. Brum has two main restaurant's that I would recommend, the first is the Flaming Dragon on broad street, the other is Ming Moon down by Hurst street. I recommend these because they are the only ones that I have been too, the ones in The Arcadian are probably even better but I still love Both these restaurants.

Its debatable which one is cheaper, apparently Ming Moon is cheaper in day time, while Flaming Dragon is cheaper overall as it doesn't get pricier in the evenings. The main difference is that The Flaming Dragon is a bit more tacky the name is very clich├ęd and so are the tacky flame decals all over the place, while Ming Moon is more sophisticated, there is usually a guy playing on the piano and the buffet is much bigger. I even tried octopus while I was there once (It was Disgusting).

The best thing about Ming Moon of course is that once you've finished with the massive varied buffet - you can go for a proper Chinese meal or just chips and other western foods if you feel a bit less cultured. You will find yourself looking forward to eating up all this delicious food however because  for dessert the place has its very own chocolate fountain, yep a chocolate fountain, a big one. If you have never tried dipping Marshmallow twists in warm soft melted liquid chocolate then you have seriously missed out. The problem is that after that you will inevitably start dipping haribo's in there, then you will start pouring it on ice cream, if you are anything like me you will eat until you feel slightly sick.

What not a lot of people know about Ming Moon though is that there is a special VIP room that you can book if you have a party of large numbers. You can't help but feel a bit special in this room, i reckon its probably usually reserved by businessmen.
I got to spend a night in this room last year at a friends birthday party. it began with a nice chilled out few meals and ended with a food fight. It was also the first night I properly danced Gang-nam style, Psy was a novelty youtube sensation rather than the full blown pop star he is today and I introduced my friends to his dance moves, But I digress.

For some reason when I've had a beer or two at a social gathering and there is access to a music player, I can't help but become a massive music snob. Ming Moon's VIP room has an electronic jukebox. One that is very difficult to use considering that most of the writing is is oriental characters, I still found some good songs on there and wrestled a nice blonde girl away from it. I had to though, She's putting on Justin Beiber! I shouted to an appropriate murmur. We put on old rap songs that seemed oddly placed there as well as an old LMFAO video, where I was surprised to see Redfoo rapping while feeling some woman's boobs, his later vid's have all been a bit more SFW

I have had a great time every time I've been to Ming Moon and I suggest you go there and do the same and if its a big group, try and get the VIP room.

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