Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Urban Villlage

DSC_2661The Custard Factory in Digbeth is pretty much the cultural centre of Birmingham, it may have a reputation for being slightly rough but in truth its where all the good stuff happens, the (previously known as HMV) Institute is there, so is one of South Birmingham College's Campuses and in Custard Factory itself is a constantly changing layout of urban art and independent shops, yet the one true constant in the custard factory is the Urban Village, and if the custard factory is the cultural centre of Birmingham then the Urban village is the cultural centre of the custard factory.
DSC_5677When I've not been there for a while visiting the place is like being a kid in a candy shop, its packed full of great quality vintage clothes at good prices, last week I bought two jackets and  had to stop myself from buying more. While a lot of the clothes at the Urban Village are genuinely second hand vintage - you'll find a lot of new Fred Perry polo's and clothes other brands have donated, and if you want a genuine 1970's/60's mod look then the new clothes by brands such as Pop will give you the look but without the wear and tear
They've recently opened a new downstairs section as well, full of clothes like you will find upstairs but also with CD's and Vinyl's and a couple of other oddities too.

The staff are all friendly people, they take the whole vintage trend seriously and the way they dress adds to the time-warp feeling that you get in there. one of the guys there, who still recognises me, has a mod haircut and once worse a crushed velvet suit, and actually pulled the look off! he also once went round with a bunch of grapes giving them to customers, a bit unexpected but nice all the same. You can have a lot of fun hanging round the urban village and as the bottom pictures indicate, get a lot of good clothes too.

first leather jacket
originally from Topman

Original Penguin


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