Friday, March 1, 2013

Pink Violence/Neon Asylum

pinkviolence0’s avatarI've known Jason Tyler, Aka Neon Asylum, Aka Cassius Neon, Aka Pink Violence for some time now. I first met him in 2009 in a gig queue with my friend waiting to see Florence and the machine, back then we used to wait from the afternoon being the first ones there. We met Jason along with his mad friend called Dom, Jason was definitely the sane one next to this fat bloke with a tattoo of Florence Welch on his leg, telling me stories of how his Superman sock ripped the day Christopher Reeve died.
Anyway moving on, me and my friend ended up seeing Jason a few times after this coincidentally at the same gigs, then one day I went with him to see Crystal Castles. Jason may seem like the worlds biggest fan of Crystal Castles at first- he's been to nearly every gig they've done in the UK and thanks to him I got to meet them- but he's actually a very good friend of theirs and he's known them back from his days in a cult death metal band (who I can't remember the name of).
This relationship with crystal castles is most likely what gave Neon Asylum its sound, the few tracks he put out under the name are thumping rave pieces, similar in style to the music of Crystal Castles. 'Destroy Mika' is probably the best example of Neon Asylum's sound, it's a 3 minute mash up of 8-bit style squelches and loud techno beats, its unpredictable, messy, uneasy listening.

Despite being reasonably successful with Neon Asylum Jason has now started a new project called 'Pink Violence' the music is more or less the same genre but he's smoothed out the rough edges of his previous work for a more house based sound or at least that's what his d├ębut single 'Fresh Air' seemed to indicate,  the new unmixed preview for 'midnite' suggests that he's continuing with abrasive rave. 

Jason's been at this music business thing for a while now but its exciting seeing what he's now working on, hopefully he might now start getting the success he deserves.

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