Monday, March 11, 2013

Ever since I was a child I've dreamed of being a rock-star, these days I've realised that while I'm a good guitarist, my true talents lie in stand up comedy. Yet I still have this irrational jealousy of people in bands, I'm extra jealous of 'Duke' because they're about the same age as me, go to the same pub and are generally cooler than I am. With that in mind this blog may be a bit hard for me to write, but they're local and they're talented, so they deserve a few good words.
I remember when one or two of the band first went to the Red Lion, I was performing my comedy material and was excited to finally have some younger people to perform to rather than the usual old blokes, it was good at least to find people who might get my references. It was a good gig that.

Anyway I got to see the Alex Turner lookalike bassist of the band play a few solo songs on an acoustic, and only a few weeks later he was back with a full band. They have a tight sound as a group, and musically have a very laid back style. The songs are clearly the work of a band who want to write songs rather than just make noise and sound trendy. At the time I thought they had a slightly American Tom Petty-ish sound but I don't know where I got that from because after hearing their 'The Bigger Picture Ep' (available as a free download on their Facebook) it's clear to me that this band are actually far more Britpop, almost like Ocean Colour Scene or a more laid back Oasis.

They're all talented musicians and it shows in their music, and they seem to be getting some deserved success
maybe that jealously isn't so irrational after all...

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