Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dik Guru
...And now to continue where I left off by blogging about the Kumari 7. usually on the Great Unsigned nights where you can catch the Kumari 7 and many other talented acts, Dik Guru tends to be the last act on before the rest of the acts all get together to do a cover to finish off the night. You'd think it'd be impossible to top Rohan and co but Dik Guru can do it with ease, why? because he is absolutely fucking hilarious.

He's a very normal looking bloke who blends in with the rest of the pubs regulars with ease, he tends to wear a leather jacket with a flat cap and nothing else that stands out, to continue with the working class impression he speaks and sings in a strong Brummie accent. his songs are all played on an acoustic guitar and all tell stories about people that he knows and that we can all feel that we know too. 'Bullshit Bob' is pretty much what it says on the tin, a hilarious tale of that friend you have who just can't help but bullshit. 'Dave' is another story of a bloke, it's a tale of laddish behaviour in grotty pubs in the 80's. While 'The Cobra' is a song about masturbation that's so disgustingly funny that I'm not going to ruin it  here.

Watching Dik Guru is a communal experience, one of those things that's just so much better for being seen in a pub. His songs are all funny and since he's usually on late you'll be drunk enough to sing along, there's an amazing atmosphere whenever I've seen him at the red lion in Shirley and you get the sense that these songs which were written in the 80's have been performed in pubs like this ever since. You can find his stuff on youtube, but its no substitute for seeing him live, keep track of  the 'Great Unsigned' events and check out things listed on the Facebook 'Birmingham has talent' and red lion group pages. he does a lot of these open mic things so I'm sure he won't be to hard to find.

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  1. Cheers James.
    Dik will love this.
    Richard Green...TGU