Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Musgraves

Okey remember that blog I posted ages ago where I said I met a band having a photo shoot in a car park? well as it turns out  they aren't called 'Moss Graves' they are called 'The Musgraves'. Silly me.

You That Way I This WayThey seem to have done well since our last encounter as they're one of the Birmingham bands lucky enough to have an album out! It's called 'You that way I this way'
After a quick listen of their soundcloud page I think cheesy but catchy is an ok description, the sort of band who'd have been huge in 2008. I  know that sounds slightly insulting but I don't write this blog to slander. They have good songs and a great sound. It's perfect music for the summer, an infectious mix of folk and pop that would sound even better if it wasn't grey and miserable outside.

I'm very glad that in the nearly two years since I met them in that car park they've done so well. they're lovely guys and I'm very happy to see a Birmingham band doing well. It just shows that there is so much more to Birmingham's music scene than the B-Town sound of bands like Peace and Swim Deep (though they're brilliant too)

And here's my blog about the time I met them.

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