Sunday, March 17, 2013

Duke - The Bigger Picture EP, Review

Walking in the SunBrit-pop is a difficult thing to get right, as Viva Brother recently discovered, slagging off a load of our favorite bands and bigging yourself up is only setting yourself up for a fall if you don't have enough good songs to back your claims up.
Duke on the other hand are a good example of how to get it right. Unlike    Viva Brother they are genuinely nice ego free lads. And it shows in this EP that they really just want to write great songs and have a good time unlike VB's get big and rich quick scheme.
The band have a very laid back style, as 'Walking in the Sun' Indicates. Its a song that manages to be mellow and rousing at the same time, bursting out of the speakers with acoustic strumming and funky electric guitar and bass and it's all rounded off very nicely with a nice Noel Gallagher style guitar solo.
the next track 'One Way Road' fades in slowly and carry's on in the same style but with an added organ, (organs make everything sound better) it sounds a little bit less like a mellow Oasis than the last one and actually shows Duke fitting into their own sound nicely they're obviously inspired by 90's Britpop but they're not imitating it.
'Believe' is even more laid back, and it's a pretty obvious 'Wonderwall' homage, complete with another noel style solo. The last track 'The Best is Yet to Come is the biggest sounding of the lot, the acoustic guitar sound is still there but it all sounds a bit more energetic and it has the biggest chorus of the record.

It's worth saying that this isn't exactly original and there's nothing that amazing about the lyrics, but who cares? these four songs show a lot of promise, the work of a band who want to write good songs rather than just sound good and get hype.

Oh and did I mention that It's Free?

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