Monday, August 4, 2014

Broken Witt Rebels. Live at the Wagon and Horses, 26/7/14 Review

You might have to walk around the block a few times to find it, but the Wagon and Horses in Digbeth  (by the Rainbow) is a true gem. a rather old fashioned looking pub at first, complete with a local cat that occasionally wanders in. The Wagon and Horses has a beer garden in the back, complete with a stage where bands can play.  it has a brilliant atmosphere, kind of like the best BBQ you'll ever go to. It also happens to be where The Broken Witt Rebels played their first ever gig, small wonder that they decided to come back there for the launch party for the 'HOWLIN' EP. having been invited by the band and put on the guest list, they made me feel welcome by passing me one of their beers from the backstage area bathtub. I missed the opening band sugar razors  but caught the other two acts who were both brilliant. And as the sun went down the crowd all packed in for the rebels, one peeping tom had sneaky peek by looking down from over the fence. The atmosphere was just great.

As usual one guy was heckling the cries of 'UGLY CUNTS!'  that the band are by now all used to, (he reckons that if he didn't it would curse the show. As the band came to the stage Danny core shouted confidently 'We are Broken Witt Rebels, please inform your mother'. I know I've said this before, but unlike a lot of hype bands and a few B-Town bands what sets The Rebels apart is that they really can play. Their songs mix the swagger of Oasis with a raw blues rock style. This time around for some reason Danny Core's voice reminded me more of that guy from Kings of Leon too. Throughout this show the power of Danny's voice and the musicianship of the band  blew me away.
The old favourites from the last Ep still sound great, only I was a highlight and the crowd still know exactly when to shout WOOO! during Call out the Sun.  Yet so do the new songs, Queen Bee gave the band a chance to briefly slow things down, while Botom of the hill has a huge groove to it, almost like something off a metal song. Same goes for Cloud My Day, there's so many great riffs  in these songs.the whole new EP

is brilliant.

After the show I got the hang out with the band in the makeshift back stage are and hang out in the pub till about midnight. they really are great guys and it feels great to be even a small part of the bands entourage. Something special is definitely happening here. 

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