Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Stacks. Live at the Wagon and Horses, 26/7/14 Review

It wasn't long after Soldier had left the stage that The Stacks had  come on. The sun had gone down and the garden of the Wagon and Horses was packed. there was a  guy peeping over the fence next  door to take a look at the action and a young boy, clearly very excited to see the bands ahead. I had never heard of The Stacks before this show. It was quite a surprise going from the no nonsense rock n roll of Soldier to the Bratty punk rock of The Stacks. And it took me a little time to warm to them. The crowd absolutely loved them though. The energy coming off them is incredible. It was hard to deny that it was a great show. Despite splitting  a string on the first song and having to borrow a guitar from The Rebels the show went brilliantly. The three guys on guitar bass and Vocals were right at the edge of the stage the whole time, facing the audience, and putting as much energy into the show as they could.  While this is definitely music suited to a party, there does seem to be a slight political leaning to one or two of the songs. Especially the finishing song 'All the Ugly People' I was chatting to their drummer afterwards and he was telling me about how, without wanting to put too fine a point on it he felt that our generation hasn't really achieved much. It can't be defined in the same way the the generation of the 60's can, and the the songs do seem to reflect this. That song in particular has a great chorus which all the crowd could sing along too. The Stacks play Punk-Pop the way it should be played.

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